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Soviet Manufacturer

This is a solid lottery! Naturally, the manufacturer shall dissolve all things, and tries to pile the board to sell, without sorting. Where he go? Kruglyak bought, the money paid, others simply do not. Must throw off everything! Otherwise the loss. So he disguises unconditioned board, putting it in the middle of the packs, or car. But this is only one of the risks, but there are others. Extend-Kruglyak purchased, imported, served on the sawmill.

Began to nag, but frame broke. Just broke down, because it is iron, and it has its own terms of sustainability. And it is good if the defect is small, for example, the slider flew. This frame will stop for a couple of days. And if you burn engine? All month of downtime, as a minimum. and there is nothing to do Knee napilit, no money back. New frames, until the manufacturers units, used mainly scrap all Soviet times, which is already on its last legs breathe. The result? The buyer, after waiting stipulated in the contract time starts to get nervous.

Begins manufacturer and very surprised that he has not napileno. In the end, if the problem is a serious and timing of its decision is delayed, manufacturer to get these calls, and he, tired of explaining that he was not the camel stops responding to these calls, truly putting out a connection when will eliminate their problems. Then the buyer begins hysterical and he threw everything he goes to the seller.

Russian Cleanliness

The modern world of entrepreneurship took into circulation a new word cleaning – cleaning, taking place on foreign clean, which translated into the Russian language means – cleanliness, cleaning, cleaning. This new definition includes a list of services: office cleaning, cleaning, holiday home, cleaning, though cleaning is done according to accepted European standards, and includes all professional care for decorative materials and furniture. Performed this service in advance by trained specialists who have been trained prof. Work carried out the same as conventional cleaners to do every day, for many years, except that quality is improving in many times and approach as well. Now, after such a cleaning is hard to find any traces of dust under the couch in the waiting room or on the chandelier in the conference hall, as Cleaning organization works primarily on their own authority and performs work on professional equipment with the provision of customer service the highest level.

Today's world – an appropriate approach to everything, even cleaning. Empirically proven that the important conditions productive work of a man who spends time in the office is a comfortable workspace and visually appealing interior. Comfortable temperature, cleanliness and fresh air have a positive impact on work and disability office worker. In this consensus is both psychologists and environmentalists. When carrying out cleaning works in the professional maintenance of cleanliness in respectable places (business centers, hotels, etc.) complying with all requirements of international standards of cleaning, the proportion of diseases respiratory diseases, skin diseases and other employees is 25 – 30% according to statistics. Perfectly clean office – The person company, its employees and managers at the same time carries the load as an aesthetic and hygienic.