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Chief Executive Officer

Own brands should be the first to lead by example, on the basis of a more comprehensive approach in favour of sustainability, said Victor Mirabet, Chief Executive Officer of Coleman CBX and participant in the tertulia. Thus, it would be very useful society facing brands collaborate with colleges and schools in instilling sustainable behaviour since the early. From the business point of view, it is necessary that sustainable behaviors are applied from own supply chain, permeating throughout the production process with their good practices, which, moreover, have proved to be cost-effective and efficient from the point of view of business and essential to save the planet and our environment, concluded Mirabet since the beginning. Led by Victor Mirabet, the gathering featured the participation of professional experts as Maria Such, Director of reputation of BBVA, Silvia Guzman, Director of sustainability and corporate reputation of Telefonica and Isabel Reija, Director General of Fenie energy. To access the full interview: