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Lennart Bernadotte

The toiletries are available with a new recipe in the online shop of medical. Lindau, the 08.05.2013 the new products of the ultra face skin care line by Prof. Mang are available in the online shop of medical. Interested parties can order quickly and easily the desired product. Customers and users on a more intensive care of your skin can enjoy with new attractive packaging and a more effective composition of ingredients.

The cosmetics line was developed for daily skin care and for the time being reduced to three main products. The face is the focus of the care series. Scientifically and clinically, dermatologically tested, the products are well tolerated. The ultra face cream, the ultra face cream and the ultra face fluid offer intensive and rich facial for all skin types with preventive and hydrating effect. They support the natural defences of the skin against environmental influences, increase the skin’s resistance and stimulate the production of elastin and collagen fibres. Speaking candidly e-Bay told us the story.

The ULTRA FACE Day cream represents a sustainable care for the daily protection of the sensitive skin of face, neck and decollete and regulates the skin’s moisture balance. The high quality and pure herbal Hyaluron booster with lifting helps to effect in conjunction with the Myoxinol skin active ingredient, firming and moisturizing. While sleeping, the regeneration of the skin in high gear is located. This recovery phase uses the ULTRA FACE night cream, to renew and stimulate the skin cells. Rich Hyaluron supports the regeneration of cells. Urea provides moisture and elasticity. The Q10 additional revitalizes and rejuvenates the face, neck and decollete. The ULTRA is designed for the delicate, thin eyes FACE eye serum. Hyaluron booster contrary to be cast by the high-quality, pure vegetable ingredient eye shadows, lines, wrinkles, and swelling. Ingredients such as Liftonin-Xpress and the extract of Proteolea regenerate the skin, providing a smoother skin and stimulate cell renewal. Prof. Werner Mang ultra developed face special products as cosmetic intensive therapy, which should provide the skin with high-quality care both before and after cosmetic surgery. Contact: BODENSEE Clinic medical one GmbH?


then, the discipline raises to hang on the meager diet. A great advantage: The metabolic diet is designed only for two weeks. Then may eat normally again, unless you and this is the great but, holds that not only the sustainability of the metabolic diet is off again to the specifications. Who successfully took off, should do so at least a few days metabolism diet after a few weeks of normal. Praise CARB is one of the buzzwords of current diets and dietary recommendations. The metabolic diet follows this maxim. As carbohydrates except those in fruits and vegetables only biscuits and dry bread, and that there is also only in the morning for breakfast. Sometimes, but not even that.

Otherwise much salad and vegetables, and fruit is offered but not overly much protein, this abundant. That protein is fed up, we now all know. A steak, a schnitzel, more white than red meat, which lean dairy products are the ingredients, the at come the metabolic diet on the plate. On the whole, it can be said that one with this diet very well on the fast weight lose and heed to some point in the future, has good chances to keep the new. You want to try out the metabolic diet?

Sustained Weight Loss Stress

targeted relaxation avoiding stress stress can lead to obesity. Many people run rushed through life and increase nevertheless or precisely. Stress-related eating habits are to blame for this. The solution of this problem is the stress as the cause of identify and control learn. Only who dominated the circumstances, not dominated by the circumstances.

Granted that is not always easy, sometimes even impossible. Therefore, it is very important to incorporate stress blocker into the daily routine, i.e., to slow our pace, to establish tranquility and joie de vivre. Most people wish you health. But this is only possible with a vital body without metabolism problems, digestive disorders or even overweight. Unfortunately eighth we far too often on the signals of the body, either out of carelessness, ignorance, or because we take no time. I recently heard an apt description of the plague of people stress. Imagine, juggle with 2 balls. That’s just yet.

Then you contact Step by step in motion because the thing is already difficult. And now you run times. Now, the whole thing is no longer manageable. True BBs!” Just as we do in everyday life. We juggle multiple tasks and try to be always up to date, while we rush through life. This not okay in the long term. A healthy, conscious eating remains just on the line such as rest and relaxation. Believe me. I know what I’m talking about. This stress can lead to obesity. Many people run rushed through life and increase nevertheless or precisely. Stress-related eating habits are to blame for this. The meal is to loop time, we eat by the way sometimes when driving. “Or, we reward” us fast times with so 1,000 kilocalories in between in the form of sweet Muntermachern or consolation donors “like cookies, chocolate and co.