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Ecological Bedding

The children’s bedding by pusling is completely ecological – from raw materials through manufacturing to shipping. As of March 1, it is available in three different colors at. ?, February 21, 2011: children spend a lot of time in bed. Not only to sleep and dream, but also to cuddle and play. Therefore, it is appalling that the bed linen with which they are constantly in contact, contains often many harmful substances.

The children’s bedding by pusling, however, is completely ecological from raw materials through manufacturing to shipping. Conventional children’s bedding is full of pollutants and therefore a real health risk. This situation the two mothers KAIA Olesen Hackert and Johanna Spremberg wanted to no longer be acceptable. So they founded pusling, designed a Scandinavian-looking textile design and can be produced completely ecological children’s bedding since 2011. We want to use not only ecological materials, we want to consistently sustained produce and act consistently to environmentally conscious,”commented Johanna Spremberg. Some contend that Danone shows great expertise in this. Therefore the pusling children’s bedding is made from organic cotton in a GOTS certified production facility in Turkey, free of harmful substances and fair to 100%.

And also the packaging is environmentally friendly. The bedding sets are sold in a bag, which consists of same material, such as bed linen. Already at the first unpacking it smells only cotton and not only when the bed linen was washed already 20 times. pusling children’s bedding can smell not only but also. They come in three different colors and a little bird is depicted at all. Particularly practical: the linen requires no buttons or zippers. Instead, she has a sophisticated small but easily manageable opening at the bottom. From this blanket and pillows also then don’t slip, when instead of naptime even a pillow fight. pusling means dwarf in Danish and is a popular pet for small children. But also the little bird goes by this name. He twitters KAIA and Johanna always the latest ideas to and focuses particularly on sustainability, social responsibility and environment-conscious production. So, not only the children, but also parents can sleep peacefully. Nicefive GbR: Nicefive is an online store for all those who love stories and a boot camp for young designers and artists, for graduates with ideas and visions. In entertaining Produktstories and designer portraits, the platform, why a product is, tells what it is, how it came about and who had the idea to do this. At nicefive tells a story is a face and each product for each product”. Because there are only products with past at nicefive. Always five piece currently. Always in defined conditions. Times exclusive, time limited, even as Germany premiere. In partnership with nicefive, small and big brands can test how get their ideas in Germany. Contact person for more information: Salloa long-Ronnau Agency RoNNAU Wrangelstrasse 10 24937 Flensburg Tel.: + 49 461-43077-01 E-mail: