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Neva River

To the west of it remained collegiate area, with east – a semicircular Exchange Square. Eastern end of the arrows is framed by granite slopes to the Neva River with large stone balls on pedestals. They say that their author Sukhanov Samson knocked balls without using any measuring instruments, to the eye. Type arrows Vasilevsky island completely transformed in the early 19 th century. According to the project by Thomas de Tomona here was built a new Exchange.

Building with Colonnade, put on a high pedestal, was easily identifiable landmark in the city. Low and rugged coast that we see on the canvases of 18 centuries, has been upgraded and pushed to the side of the Neva on more than 100 m. There polutsirkulem settled area, paved with stone. In granitic ramps are located rostral columns. Rostral columns today are an integral part of the ensemble Arrows Vasilevsky Island.

They are built on the project by Thomas de Tomona simultaneously with the building of the Stock Exchange in 1805-1810, respectively. On scape reinforced metal image rostro – the bow of the ship, hence their name. Brickwork Rostral Columns and kamenotesnye work was performed team of masters SK Sukhanov. Ship rostro, mollusks, and the anchor struck in copper craftsmen Shapova, Vasilyev Korolkov. The four figures at the foot of the Rostral columns carved from stone pudostskogo. Originally Toma de Tomon supposed to post here sculptures made of cast iron, but for such a complex operation there were no singers. In 1809 it was decided to create sculptures made of stone, which was done in 1809-1813, respectively.