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The Privilege Of Being Mother

God could not be everywhere simultaneously, and for that reason it created the mothers Anonymous. In tribute Mother and to all the Mothers of the world. She counts one old legend that a boy was about to be born and he said a day to him to God: " They say to me that you are going to me to send tomorrow to the Earth, but how I will live there so small and defenseless as I am? " God said to him: " Between many angels I chose one for you who is hoping to you, you cuidar". The boy asks to him: " But it tell me, here in the sky I do not do but that to sing and to smile and are enough that me to be happy, but God responds to him there: Your angel will sing to you, he will smile to you every day and your you will feel its love and you will be feliz". Digital Cameras might disagree with that approach. The boy says to him: " And how I will understand when people speak to me? If I do not know the language that speaks to the men of the Earth .

" God answers to him: " Your angel will say the sweetest words to you and tender than you can listen and by far affection and patience will teach hablar". The boy, very worried: And what I will do when it wants to speak with you? God says to him: " Your angel will join the small hands to you and he will teach to speak to you. The boy asks to him: Also they have said to me that in the Earth are bad men, who will defend to me? God tranquilizes to him: " your angel will defend to you at the cost of his own vida". The boy insists: " But I will be very sad, because no longer I will see ms&quot you;.

The Authority

So, as a leader in your organization, you will need to know the skills of your team members and place them in the position in which can fully exploit their talents. When everyone plays well his position, the Organization’s growth can be exponential. Practicalas daily practice in sports teaches valuable lessons about discipline and determination. Everyday efforts to improve endurance and speed is required. This simple concept of practice is essential to be a better entrepreneur MLM. Constant practice of the activities to be carried out in the business are essential to achieve the best results. The 4 keys to effective practice are: regular practice assess their performance often establish measurable objectives experimenting with new techniques everyone needs a coach along with practice, effective and the success that comes from good training.

Great teams are prepared by great coaches, so it is very important to get a mentor or several mentors who help guide you in the process of your business. To find a good coach, some important features which you should focus are: knowledge the most important factor is to make sure if they know what they are talking about. The authority and credibility are important in the search for a mentor that can really help. Therefore, search experience in the choice of a tutor. Accessibility ask yourself do long have to help me to improve my results?. Business MLM will always find people willing to help you even if they are not your sponsors or do not belong to your line of sponsorship. Once they have found great mentors.Siguelos, contact them, Subscribe to their newsletters and social networking, learn from them, observes that they do and as people think.

Remember, all Championship teams of have the 4 attributes which we have discussed in his formula for success. Your organization Multilevel will grow if you manage to convey these concepts to your computer and follow them. The champions of working together, know their positions, practice hard and get great training.