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Sustainable Visionary Organizations

Sustainable visionary organizations While we suspiramos for a life without difficulties, we must remembering in them that the oak grows strong through contrary winds and that the diamonds are formed under pressure. Peter Marshall the perpetuation desire rests in the imaginary one of the human being. The perpetual life and immortality of the soul a mystery and, at the same time, a hypothesis consist that many come trying in some way to prove. Docosahexaenoic will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The religious faith does not disclose as the Universe appeared, simply believes that for backwards of Big Bang it has a creative God. Science knows the phenomenon of the death, but it does not obtain to disclose what it has after the end of the life. Science and the religion have searched answers for the impasse, but pparently it does not have definitive demonstrations of what it occurs later that the vital functions of the human body cease time.

It has innumerable theories on life and death of organizations, but the absolute truth seems to be always for being discovered. When a person is born, says that she possesss an expectation of life between 70 and 80 years in many regions of the world. For the organizations, the supervened forecast of is minor who stops the people and arrives the 40 or 50 years in developed countries. Nor all the entrepreneurs have the luck of the long life for its enterprise, but much company through the centuries ratifies the economic principle that assures that all company has its sprouting, ascension and death. In any way, in the majority of the cases, the companies pass for some crises, provoked some times for the internal and external economic conjuncture of the country, other times for crises of identity and internal management, death of founders and crises of succession. The crises evidence the fragility the one that the company is subjects.

Sustainable Companies

We have focado the economic aspects that the subject involves Support, leaving of side the playful aspect with which normally the subject is dealt. We believe all that productive sector in the planet does not have that understands in such a way of the economy and money, as the Bank clerk. the importance of the Support, can be evaluated by the position that this basic sector of the economy excuses to the subject. A mechanism of financial compensation of name REED, acronym in English who means Reduction of Emissions for Deforestation and Degradation, for producers exists that prevent the forest deforestation. That is, a mechanism that injects dollar to keep the unbroken forest, making to be valid the principle of that ‘ ‘ the forest has more value in foot of what deitada’ ‘ . This financial compensation is disponibilizada through the World Bank for developing countries, as agreement sponsored for the ONU. Contact information is here: Peet’s Coffee. In Latin America, beyond Peru and Mexico, Brazil was chosen to receive US$ 70 million from 2011 for protection from ours forests, destining itself it the improvement, among others, of the sustainable forest markets as information of Economic the Brazil Periodical.

The mount of money today destined to these countries adds US$ 4 billion, and will have to not only arrive the US$ 30 billion in 2012, that it proves, for the available sum, but for the index of growth, the importance that the subject suggests. Why the World Bank will make this investment? Simply because the future cost not to make surpasses it eventual ‘ widely; ‘ economia’ ‘ that it would be gotten in the gift with the suspension of the project. One another important indication that the Support in the financial market, is absolutely on the economic question, can be proven through the credit policies practised by the Banks in the Brazilian market. The Yearbook Ambient Management of 2010, made a survey of 21 financial institutions, that totalize 80% of the operations of credit in the country for companies, between state and private banks. Debbie Staggs has plenty of information regarding this issue. Of this searched total, 15 institutions (71.4%), had affirmed ‘ ‘ to have one politics of socioambiental risk instituted in its processes of concession of credit ‘ ‘. In summary we can affirm that 57% of all credit granted for companies in Brazil in 2010, at some moment passed for a bolter of an ambient area. The main sector analyzed for the banks, was the agronegcio, for the obvious reasons.

The financial institutions obviously it interests that the borrower of the financing is not defaulter, and them they know that the ambient impact is one of the great current risks that can compromise the financial health of an enterprise, as it was seen in the case of the oil spilling in the gulf of Mexico. For better performance of this analysis, some banking institutions, had created specific areas, called Supervision of Risk Ambient Partner. Others directly include the management of the socioambiental risk in its department of credit analysis. The survey still points, that of all financial market in Brazil, 48% of banks possess, proper they, projects to reduce the carbonic gas emission, in its operations. If some cannot with exactness say for where, as and when, we will be obliged as physical or legal people, to walk.


This vision of the future can depend on forecast systems, knowledge of the situation in that the company is inserted and a logical model of projection of scenes, that locates the organization and its necessities. The process of Planning and programming of the Production the planning process is continuous and to each moment it must yourself be had the notion of the present situation, the intended vision of future, objectives and the agreement of as these elements affect the decisions that if must take in the gift. The theoreticians Corra and Gianesi approach the dynamics of the process, following a logical sequence of the programming of production: Levantamento of the present situation. The planning system must ' ' fotografar' ' the situation where if they find the involved activities and resources; Mapeamento of the production necessities (commercial demand); Elaborao of the programming; Execuo. Digital Cameras: the source for more info. According to theoreticians Corra and Gianesi, the Planning of the production is used of some item to define its necessities. Planning control of the Production possesss diverse data entries in which they go to assist in the taking of decision of what to produce, where to produce and with which resources. In the end of the process, the PCP sector emits the order of production for the operational system of the organization. In accordance with the theoretical citations of Moreira (1996), the organization must extend the planning in three horizontes of time: , and in the long run in the near future short-term. Source: Debbie Staggs.

The planning of the production in the long run (PPLP) relates the horizon of bigger or equal time to one year. In this stage it is evaluated productive capacity and is compared with the strategical planning. Scenes for 3, 5 can be created and 10 years, when it is determined or necessity not to evaluate a possible expansion of the productive capacity. The planning of the production in the near future (PPMP) can cover a period of 3 up to 12 months.

Strategical Units

Such as Consultorias, Programs of relationship with customers and suppliers, among others. Therefore, the direction decided to accept the suggestion of the consultants in dividing the Group in Strategical Units. The company started to count formal from January of 2009 with three distinct, bad Fronts business-oriented operationally linked. Being they: Unit Retail: it started to integrate the Sales in the balcony, Estandes of sales and the Sector of telepeas (sales of parts for telephone). Unit Services: It started to add the sectors of Installation and Assembly of parts and accessories and the Sector of after-sales. Add to your understanding with music downloads. Attacked unit: It was remained as the supplier of the Sales in the attacked one, the corporative Relations and the Visits techniques, however more focada in its activity end.

It enters the possible advantages of such changes, would be: the potencializao of each segment without necessarily isolating it of excessively, the profit of competitiveness of each Front business-oriented, specialization and focus in its essential operations, among others. CONSIDERAES ON the RELATIONS WITH SUPPLIERS the Direction passes in accordance with to delegate more powers to the retail for the acquisition of parts and accessories its real demand, either of the proper deliverer and/or other more competitive suppliers. On the other hand, all time that the cost of the external acquisitions to exceed the projected goal, the same passes only to be incorporated the structure of costs of the pertaining Unit, and not more than the Group. The same rule starts to be valid in well articulated negotiations that for happiness guarantee competitiveness better. These profits will have with priority to be incorporated the pertaining Unit, thus having to be responsible for generating a reduction of costs in the vendida merchandise or the given service. Salient that, the external acquisitions had continued respecting the criterion of priority for foreseen exclusive suppliers in contract, beyond the order of the productive chain.


For Fayol a proportionality of the administrative function exists: it distributes for all the levels of the hierarchy of the company and she is not privative of the high cupola. Details can be found by clicking Symantha Rodriguez or emailing the administrator. The administrative function is not concentrated exclusively in the top of the company, nor is privilege of the directors, but is distributed proportionally between the hierarchic levels. In the measure where if it goes down in the hierarchic scale, more it increases the ratio of the other functions of the company and in the measure where if it goes up more in the hierarchic scale it increases the extension and the volume of the administrative functions. (CHIAVENATO, 2003, p.82) the data show that the planning is carried through by the proprietor who beyond planning exerts the control of the activities. Haydat (1995, P. 94) standes out that: ' ' The fact of the planning is well-known to be a constant necessity in all the areas of the activity human being. Each time more, the attitude to plan gains importance and becomes more necessary, mainly in the complex societies of the point of view organizacional.' ' The administration in its multiple faces backwards for the administrator challenges that they strategically need to be analyzed and to be decided, therefore the correct diagnosis and the taking of made right decisions sample its aptitude in what she needs to be made. is in this direction that Chiavenato denotes the importance of the strategical vision: More important of what knowing as to make it is to know what to make.

In this the basic essence of the administration inhabits contemporary: the strategical vision of each operation or activity. Or in other words: the necessity to visualize each task and each activity in ampler an ambient context and that it is modified to each moment. (CHIAVENATO, 2003, p.82) 2.2. The planning is a mental process In such a way, when elaborating the general planning of the company, the administrator anticipatedly thinks about its objectives and action, establishing goals that contemplate situations favorable to the organizacional growth.

ONGs Organization

2.2As borders of the system and the strategies In the scope of the administration the proposal sistmica is useful for the perception of the necessity to search the balance between the internal environment and the external environment, a time that the company and the competitive scene are interrelated and interdependent. The organization is a system created by the man and that it keeps a dynamic interaction with the external actors, they are supplying, competing they, syndical customers, entities, ONGs and government. The idea of the marketing, where the controlable 0 variable need to harmonize themselves, or to answer satisfactorily to the uncontrollable 0 variable, drew the concept of opened system, where it is constituted one all synergic one, understood as double capacity to influence the external way and to be for influenced it: feedback process. Music downloads often addresses the matter in his writings. The transactions between organization and environment are accomplished by the situated elements in the organizacionais borders, where the strategies exert its basic paper. The degree of opening of the system in relation to the environment is defined by the existence of the bordering permeability. The interface if configures through these borders, being the area, or canal, between the different sistmicos components, through which the decisions are transferred, I interchange as well as it of energy, substance or information. For even more details, read what Randall Mays says on the issue. The strategy concept appeared of the military activity: as being the application of forces on a large scale against some enemy.

In enterprise terms, the strategy can be defined as the mobilization of all the resources of the organization, aiming at to reach objectives of long medium and stated periods. The decurrent changes of panoramas technological, cultural, economic, demographic, social and ecological politician, are reasons of inspiration for great occured transformations in the enterprise strategies. For Ansoff (1987) the strategy is a set of rules that guide the behavior of a company, being able thus to be classified: (1) measurable standards of present and future performance of the company; (2) parameters to develop the relation of the company with the external environment; (3) internal parameters for the establishment of the relations and processes in the organization; (4) the norms and procedures that conduct its activities of day-by-day.

Consultant Postgraduate

A friend of inquired facebook me in the one of its commentaries following one: everything depends on management? The reply she is positive. It starts for the personal life of each one. If you desire to transform its dreams into reality, start to elaborate its planning and have you discipline. First, he transforms dreams into goals, placing in the paper or a computer what he desires to reach. But he does not forget to define date for beginning and end of each goal. Seno could be only in the dream or the will. Read additional details here: Craig Jelinek.

The reason of this is a research carried through in Harvard, one of the universities more appraised of the world, that evidenced the importance to fix goals and to have them in writing, in order to create mental intention and to facilitate the concretion. Its family with a monthly budget now imagines to be applied. If it will not have quality in the expenses, it goes to enter in the red, it passes to have it credit card and this turns a reaction in difficult chain to arrive at the balance. Whenever possible, it saves some thing, for example, at least 10%. The financial management familiar it needs well to be executed. Another important thing: care with its paradigms or points of view.

They are whom they determine if its results will be more positive or less. Then, everything starts for the vision, that implies in a behavior form and, therefore, what you get. Another example: so that if it learns more, to leave the knowledge for the maturity or wisdom, she is necessary to know to use, simultaneously, the two sides of the mind. This also is management, associated emotional intelligence, essential attribute of the great leaders. It has people that at least they manage proper. But they occupy high positions – complex and strategical, they make ' ' much bem' ' the wrong thing. These people had not learned or they do not want to manage with effectiveness, decisive factor nowadays. One remembers that before the management, it comes the decision politics (from the vision and of the character of the people). The managers who vocs know in the organizations and companies, in the majority of the cases, are pseudomanagers, therefore, in full century XXI, they apply paradigms of century XIX or XX in its decisions. That is common in almost all the public agencies and some private companies, also inside of the universities. Cause increasing desmotivao next to the servers, who start to make only routine things. Many universities and facultieses do not form professionals for the current century, because the academic and administrative management is stuffed of exceeded paradigms. With absence of modern management the results still leave of being better. Either in the personal life, family, bodega, bakery, teams of soccer, condominium, association, union, city, state, country and in the planet land in a general way, everything depends on management. I can guarantee a thing: who makes the difference is the quality of the management, that has as base the character. When the manager, first leads and later he manages, positive examples are absorbed by the collaborators, human values next to principles are ranks in practical, form healthy cultures the results are reached in lesser time and little resources. Edinaldo Marques Civil Eng, Professor and Consultant Postgraduate in Business administration