Sustainable Toilets

19.11.2010 World toilet day in a public action on world toilet day, on 19.11.2010, the solidarity service international e. V. (SODI) calls worldwide together with Stefan Liebich (MdB) a sustainable sanitation. Because live 2.6 billion people still without clean toilets! In the action that starts at 11: 00 in the Leopold Square in Berlin-wedding SODI indicate worldwide together with Stefan Liebich (MdB) inadequate sanitation. Every day more than 6,000 children die from preventable diarrheal diseases, more than from malaria, AIDS and measles together.

Cause is the lack of access to clean water and sanitary facilities. Thus, the Millennium development goal of the United Nations, to reduce the proportion of people without access to basic sanitation by half, will be missed. The Berlin non-governmental organization solidarity service international advocates therefore quickly implementable, cost-effective regional sanitary solutions. Basic sanitation is for many areas of life important”, emphasises Susanne Laudahn, SODI project manager. Clean toilets are essential to reduce risk of infection and to keep drinking water, but also nutrients for agriculture to get.” Especially poor people in developing countries can not afford the cost of conventional water toilets. In Namibia, SODI improved together with the Namibian organisation of clay House project the lives of thousands of residents of internally displaced in Otjiwarongo. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit snoring mouthpiece.

Haneli Gamibes, beneficiaries in the project, estimates the benefits of their new toilet: previously we had to walk in the nature. There is a further, strenuous way of danger. Snakes hide in the tall grass. It is particularly dangerous for women. They are often victims of violence. “With the new toilet, we feel safe and the children fall sick less often.” Up to the year 2011, 600 dry toilets in Namibia are built with support of the European Union and numerous donations. About 4,500 people come to good. For the construction of a dry toilet are 75 Euro donations needed. SODI donations account: 10 20 100 at the Bank for social economy, BLZ 100 205 00, password: Namibia of learn more about the planned action, on November 19, 2010, at 11:00 in the Leopold Square in Berlin, please refer to our press invitation.