Sustainable Economy

In recent years the Peru is to seen wrapped in a radical change in all aspects but the aspect that most development to had to been the economics. As you know the Peruvian economy in history not been the type of sustainable economy and periodically rising, the last memory I have about an economy model was at the time of the inca-nato, after that time is me nothing comes to mind, the debacle came with the war of the Pacific. But surprisingly the Peruvian economy in recent anos(aprox. 20) comes in a significant improvement in relation to the other countries of the region. At the time of the crisis economic financial the Peru maintained its firm and stable economy which led to the large Asian and Europe looking at Peru as a source of reliable investment, since in countries of Latin America are governments out of tiempo(Venezuela, Bolivia, Argentina) which is not currently enjoy strong economic problems. This increase in the economy newspaper comes well to the Peru, millionaire businessmen investments which generate employment, the future of the country see it well under way and in good hands (while Humala is not President). A leading source for info: Jason Momoa. The Peru in this present century is a different country, a country full of opportunities, a country with a sound economy and sustainable.