Sustainable Development

My way of living with others has also changed, even though I can not completely avoid, I feel that now I ride less and less by the impulses of my emotions, watching, being aware of situations and then acting in the most smooth as I can. For the six months from January to June for 2008, I have a group of 40 students in the field of Sustainable Development and I feel an acceptance and a more generalized trust towards me in previous groups. Students who fail will not be upset, but calmly talk about the causes and define the most convenient ways to acquire the learning experiences they had no more, there are cases where they voluntarily go beyond the tasks assigned. The climate of respect, collaboration and cordiality has been strengthened. Has arisen in me the ability to observe the falls that give my emotions during the day, often without apparent cause.

The most frequent state in me, is to a certain neutrality, something like a feeling of slight depression or discontent, which sometimes I blame myself because I see in me a lack of gratitude for life and property that I am always. Perhaps this feeling of gratitude, occur spontaneously and independently of my ideas, because without thinking about it, sometimes I get a feeling of peace and joy, without the mind I report on the reasons for this are . The relationships with my family, have been more harmonious. The things that bothered me before, now I see them as irrelevant and no longer feel that concern me.