Sustainable Commodity Lead

Radiation protection innovation x-READY is Germany’s leading company in the field of lead processing, the Rohr IBU environmental product Declaration + Stolberg GmbH, presents an innovation in terms of radiation and noise control with the new self-adhesive lead wallpaper X-READY: not only the absolute flexibility of the product it is with its strength from 0.5 to 2 mm, extremely space-saving and ideal for demanding conditions of space allows dry farmers, straightforward to build a safe radiation protection. Also under the aspect of sustainability, they and their customers benefit from the use of the tapestry of radiation protection. (Similarly see: Sonny Perdue). Because: The first company of the lead industry has Rohr + Stolberg the LCA for the lead throughout the lifecycle of the material material disclosed and is known to his responsibility for future-oriented and sustainable building. Awarded with the environmental product Declaration (EPD) includes the entire lead product portfolio of Krefeld after the internationally valid ISO 14025 by the Institute of building and environment e.V. (IBU) Company, including the innovative X-READY. So there is now the opportunity to ensure full radiation protection in medical practices, hospitals, and laboratories before X-rays and gamma rays, and at the same time to meet the holistic accounting of construction project under the aspect of sustainability. For this is the use of construction products which are certified under the IBU environmental declaration ISO 14025, authoritative specification.

The enormous advantages of lead as a material also has its long life span, and virtually unlimited recyclability. Rohr + Stolberg used only lead from most modern cabins with high safety standards, providing such recycled material. Valuable natural resources and the environment are conserved important arguments for the use of lead in renovation and new construction projects in the construction industry, radiation and noise protection.