Susi Peng

The accessories include lush bracelets, big earrings, long necklaces, pendants and brooches. Pattern, structure and color master this topic. Peacezeichen, skulls, crosses, coins, Heiligenfigurchen, flowers, Matruschkas and butterflies can be found in bracelets, necklaces and brooches and let us get through the dreary winter with much ease. Unconventional and it always extravagant come the pieces of jewelry by type Gefunkel as a colorful flower meadow. The chain and wrap bracelets feature the mix of leather, Crystal, wood in combination with silver peace symbols, butterflies or flowers. Each piece is unique. Ayala is delicate, individual jewelry bar.

The new collection is the point for the current trends of ethnic and new femininity. By the same author: US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Ausdruckstark and imaginative point is filigree necklaces and earrings and give any outfit playful energy. The collection of Susi Peng presents unconventional, humorous, love of detail and young. There are accessories and bags, which are made with great attention to detail in hand work. Each piece is unique, that perky motifs with witty detail Solutions offers. A & C design combines Scandinavian with multicultural influences and combined this with a pinch of Norwegian humor. The result is the standalone style A & c, which delighted again and again on the new.

Batucada – tattoo jewelry is made of recycled, environmentally-degradable plastic. The uncomplicated pieces of jewellery are soft and cuddly, in color black you look like tattooed on the skin. As a newcomer in our shop, we offer the lovely leather accessories from Noi. Leather flowers, leaves and beads handmade necklaces, bracelets and key chains processed to offer pure Joie de vivre. Simply tighten the spring! Should we all forget very quickly and boycott fur trend, because nothing can be so important in the fashion, that an animal just because his coat on cruel Wise must die. Fur wearing is legitimate only in the Arctic, when the wearer of fur also for days lives imposed game. Then you are Tiger, Zebra, snake print wonderful, as if still on organic cotton and fair trade, also socially very far forward!