Star Wars

The first is the passage from Star Wars when Luke is with master Yoda in Dagobah system. To start Yoda play with Luke and behaves like one annoying animal more not as a teacher to prove, not only, the patience of Luke but his ability to perceive beyond the appearances. When Luke was whole of that annoying little animal was the Yoda master stood totally surprised. Yoda tells Obi Wan you can not train the boy, since he is too old for training, but the faith that Obi Wan has in Luke stimulates your training. Luke becomes, effectively, handle the psychokinesis to sustain R2D2 and other objects in the air but, in that, the ship that came to the Dagobah system, begins to sink, is loosing and everything falls to the floor. Goes immediately to the Marsh and returns to see the master Yoda with face of frustration to comment that you can remove it from there.

Yoda responds: do you have so much certainty? The difference is only in your mind without going beyond, this phrase speaks much of our division between inside and outside. Speaking of the limited and square shape with which we see life. Each thing in its place, in a separate compartment. We do not see things as part of a whole, but as pieces alienated and disconnected among themselves. But another question that arises is: what is the mind? where we find her? How can give us account for the difference? At the end it says that the difference is in the mind. There is another place where to look other than inside of one. There is no other place where note the difference that is not paying attention to the inner dynamics, i.e., observe thought, its origin, its trajectory and its effect. Yoda continuous: size doesn’t matter, look at me, judge me by my size? This is another point that concerns us much because we are easily impacted by the physical world.