Smash Ball

In this article we will see some terms used to shock and impact. The lift: This type of effect does the ball turn on itself in the direction of his career, to get there to hit the pulley to arriba.Tendremos to take the racket back below the level of the coup, the climb ahead and ended with an accompaniment to shoulder height. The slice: the ball spins in the opposite direction of the racket trayectoria.Para we get back for the coup enicma level, then we carry forward up and down accompanying. The globe: its aim is to control the adversary who goes to the network and has good coverage of the same for this has to hit bottom-up and perform a complete accompaniment. The auction: Smash, the balloon too low should be finished with a final smash for this is to perform an arc similar to the service, we weight the back foot on the front foot and take the ball as high as possible the passing-shot: Reverse that aims to surpass the adversary who has risen to the network or force him to forfeit a volley in a difficult situation to end in the next blow to this pass the ball very close to the height of the net for not offering a very easy volley volley: We hit the ball before the stroke that is usually prepared from the waist and shoulder, although there are low volleys taken below the height of the net for this has been hitting the ball up and down in front of the body accompanying it to end for more control. The left: It is a blow to that is not often have recourse, throw a ball too short, bouncing slightly and as close as possible to the network and this has to soften the blow bringing the wrist back a little opening i racket. Other articles of interest:.