Skydiver Lars Hoffmann

The most completed km in the handbike in 24 hours before 2004 he did once world record attempt his accident in the gym, but he was not really athletic, says Lars Hoffmann about himself. With the Handbiken, he started out 2008 on a whim. Today, driving the paraplegic athlete so road races such as the Styrkeproven known race one of the toughest bike race in the world, and wants to break the 24-hour world record the most completed the handbike km on September 5, 2013 at the Lausitzring. The line is legendary. The 3.2-mile Trioval, the 2-miles Super Speedway, is the flagship of the Lausitz ring.

Designed for high speed racing in Motorsport and unique in Europe there has been here several course records but also tragic moments. So hard crashed the successful today as bicyclists Alessandro Zanardi 2001 in a race of the Champ Car Championship on the line and lost both legs. The ride in the hand bike to the Guinness world record begins on September 4, at 6: 00 and ends 24 hours later on the evening of September of 5. At least 649 km are the target, about 200 rounds. For the longest trip the handbike in 24 hours Dr.

Thomas Lange holds the world record with 648 km since February 2009 (). Interesting parallel: too long at the time had set the record in a hand bike of brand Sopur. Hoffmann is the complete range alone, what must be fully documented and confirmed by two marshals. A partially support and motivation through other bicyclists and cyclists who do their rounds in the context of the Lusatian blade which is anniversary this Thursday for the 10th time, he pleased. Friend and training partner Errol Caroline Ma5rsters already 2012 who accompanied tour Hoffmann for his 1000 moments will be in any case on the spot. With his world record, Lars Hoffmann supports the bravehearts organisation activities for charity E.v., who made it to the task, kids who are less fortunate in life, happy to make. Sunrise medical press service Martina Muller Keitel E-Mail: