Service Bicycle

Bike maintenance, as well as any other equipment that requires maintenance. Remember the saying ‘the machine like a caress, clean and grease’? Approaches to conducting maintenance. There are two basic approaches to conducting maintenance (TO): mean time to failure and preventive maintenance. This applies not only to bicycles, and any equipment. The bottom line: In the first case – change the item only when it broke, and the second – with some frequency inspect the bike, we look over and oil sites, and all worn parts and suspicious change. The first option is applicable only if you ride close to home. This approach makes sense to apply only to the irresponsible and inexpensive nodes. If you’re going a long journey, we must conduct a thorough inspection of the bike and replace all worn parts.

All responsible or expensive sites should apply the second approach, which can increase the life of themselves or nodes associated with nodes. As you might imagine, the second method of cost that much more expensive, but can be confident in your bike. General recommendations on the maintenance of bicycles. Self-service your bike can be divided into inspection, adjustment and repair. On the frequency of can be identified periodic maintenance and routine, occurring as needed. For bicycles, there are two cycles of periodic maintenance: let’s call them the annual and monthly that. Annual service is held once a year or once in 5000 km when operating a bicycle during normal conditions, whichever is sooner. Monthly maintenance – once in 1000 miles or once in 10 trips.