Science & Origins Of Life – DNA

Brain, between every cell in our body and every living organism – a tiny molecule called DNA. Molecular biologists have argued that this basic molecule of life is too complex to arise by itself. Microsoft founder Bill Gates said that the program of DNA is much more complicated than they have ever designed. It is therefore not a scientific process, including natural selection can not explain the origin of DNA many scientists believe that DNA has been developed. The amount of information embedded in DNA, which is so tiny that can fit on the point of a pin is equal to the amount of information contained in the stack Book paper, such a pitch that it could wrap the Earth 5,000 times. DNA works as a program with its own incredibly complex code. DNA encoding an indication of its creator, is so reasonable that it is shocking imagination. This view was set by none other, as the world’s leading atheist philosophy professor, Anthony Flow.

Over 50 years of promoting atheism in college classrooms, books and lectures, Flow argued that science has “everything”, then to deny himself: ‘I think that gives enough DNA material to show that in the creation of intelligence was involved … Now it seems to me that the findings of science for more than 50 years, DNA research have provided materials for the new and very convincing arguments in favor of creation. ” Although Flow Flow is an atheist does not believe in a personalized God, now he says that there are evidence indicating the existence of some form of intelligence behind all creation. Since the writing of Behe “Darwin’s Black Box ‘, the findings have kindled a fire controversy over this book. Materialists do not try bring the value of its discoveries. However, the fact that not one scientist has been able to explain how natural processes could serve as a result of these complex natural systems.