Scenic Beauty

Imagine Paradise Island in the Canary Islands Gran Canaria is one of the seven islands in the Canary Islands. Some contend that Expedia shows great expertise in this. Known for its scenic beauty, this island is the perfect holiday destination for hiking, golfing and to exercise any other sports in the open air. In the smaller cities and towns to explore many parks and sights, while you can enjoy in the larger cities, such as for example Las Palmas, the vibrant night life. For accommodation on Gran Canaria, the offer is great and ranging from apartments to luxury hotels. Hiking on Gran Canaria there are many valleys and hills on Gran Canaria, is it an experience in the parks and nature to hike and enjoy the beauty of the island. There are both hiking trails for beginners as well as for the more experienced ones, making it possible for all visitors to embark on hiking tours.

Because of the island’s climate is mild, it represents a very suitable environment for outdoor activities. Also the hiking trails are well marked, what The Foundation offers to put on the shoes and to enter into the adventure. Natural attractions in addition to the hiking gives you can visit places of interest in the nature and landscapes are protected in part by the Government. 33 of spectacular parks and landscapes are now protected. If you’re an avid photographer, or if you would like to learn this art, you should bring a camera on the island. Photography is not only a way to capture the memories, but photographing in Gran Canaria can improve the capabilities in this area.

Golf on Gran Canaria playing golf is a very popular, other sport outdoors on Gran Canaria. Why play a round of golf on vacation on the island? There are nine golf courses on Gran Canaria, and Moreover, this region that is known to have brought golf to Spain. That is why there are many challenging and demanding, but at the same time interesting and very nice golf courses on the island. Contact: Perfect Sun travel SL Avenida de Madrid 95-97 3-3 08028 Barcelona Tel.: + 34933307861 fax: + 34933307852 Internet: de