Restaurant Prices

Japanese Restaurant Jodo Prices "Jodo" today does not correspond to that obtained customer product. Perhaps here also include the establishment and "Games Empire," as one of the basic land-based network. Price list: Since talking about it … Not the highest in the city, but one of them. Cuisine: Mediocre. Nothing is released and memorable. A must have! Staff: The feeling that their meeting in the morning to beat.

They look a little more fun to Auschwitz. The girls, well, let's somehow probyvat smile? .. Good the idea was to share in the land, water pipes, etc. "Academy of land" a new facility. The interior is simple, though, and sometimes even austere, but rather 'fresh', and so comfortable. Kitchen: A large number of hot dishes. Although so far and have not tried, but selection is not bad.

On all standard roll, although I note a lot of hot rolls on the menu. Such a number of more or who do not. In general, a good quality. Apparently, this element of promotion institutions. Although portions could would be and more. My favorite 'Philadelphia' was really very small. Soups have not tried yet another time, but I think with 'exit' slukavili – 400 grams on the menu … Do not believe it! Price list: What sort of strange. 'Philadelphia' in its 'not great' cost almost 300 rubles, and hot dishes on the menu are much cheaper than in many institutions in this field. The logic of strange, considering the cost, labor, etc. Staff: Moderately courteous and friendly.