Residual Oxygen

Presentation of Method of Analysis for Residual Oxygen and Gas Summary Headspace de Ampola: Gas analysis headspace in the blister (especially analysis of residual oxygen) influences quality of injeco of dust, liquid injeco, bottle of infusion, verbal liquid, etc during the period of the guarantee. Through use of Gas Analyzer Headspace HGA-01 with special instrument of sampling of Labthink (, it offers to convenient solution and effective for analysis of residual oxygen of the blister. The tests to the blisters small also pods to be brought up to date. Word-key: Blister, Analysis of Redisual Oxygen, Analysis Headspace Gas, Injeco de P, Liquid, Liquid Injeco Verbal, HGA-01 1. Cause of Control the Amount of Residual Oxygen of Blister. Oxygen is an important factor that it affects the period of the quality assurance of injeco of dust, liquid injeco, and verbal liquid, etc. Through control of gas composition in the packing interior it can draw out the period of the guarantee and improve the quality of storage. Of moment, packing of liquid injeco, injeco of dust, and verbal liquid uses blister normally.

It has a difference between real and supposed gas composition caused by the residual oxygen in the blister that was produced during the processes of fulfilling and sealing of the blisters, that difficulty brings for analysis of quality of product, quality assurance, rationality of packing drawing. Through gas analyzer headspace HGA-01 Labthink, can decide problem of analysis of gas composition in the interior of blister, being one of the important methods applied to inspect quality of druggist and period of the product guarantee. 2. Obstacle for Analysis Headspace Gas of the Blister quantitative Measurement of residual oxygen is an important point of gas analysis headspace, but the volume of body of blister for injeco of dust, liquid injeco, and verbal liquid, etc. are small, and volume of gas headspace of the same also is small.