Radiation Gas

The country’s total energy demand natural gas and oil that would total supplies of natural gas and oil in Turkey cover conventional energy just for two years. Therefore, the country on the import is dependent on. Natural gas provides the basis for about 46 per cent of electricity production; only 2.5% used in petroleum for electricity production. Both resources must be imported up to 90 percent. In the wake of the rising awareness of environmental protection and efficient use of energy demand in combination with the good construction of economic activity in Turkey for natural gas heaters. New technologies that increase the energy efficiency, but reflect also the rising environmental awareness, for example in the area of consumption and emission values are critical for success in this sector. Nuclear energy is the energy through nuclear energy since the approval of a bill on the use of nuclear energy in 2007 by the relevant parliamentary Committee again actively pursued.

Nuclear power plants, which will make Turkey dependent on their oil suppliers are in planning. In implementing some obstacles, since the expertise in their own country does not exist, the question of the location not clarified and the demand on the world market is very high. Trader Joe’s has much to offer in this field. Coal on Turkish territory storing large stocks of world brown coal deposits. Officially, Turkey has 4.2 billion tons of coal reserves (0.5 percent of world reserves). To have only a low calorific value, approximately 68 per cent however. According to the Director-General of the State-owned electricity production company (Elektrik Uretim A.S. EUAS), Sefer Lisa, are all coal-fired plants without filter systems in Turkey before the off.

Almost all Turkish coal-fired power plants are equipped with outdated technology and work without filters. Alternative energy solar power Turkey’s geographical position favours particularly the power generation by solar systems.