then, the discipline raises to hang on the meager diet. A great advantage: The metabolic diet is designed only for two weeks. Then may eat normally again, unless you and this is the great but, holds that not only the sustainability of the metabolic diet is off again to the specifications. Who successfully took off, should do so at least a few days metabolism diet after a few weeks of normal. Praise CARB is one of the buzzwords of current diets and dietary recommendations. The metabolic diet follows this maxim. As carbohydrates except those in fruits and vegetables only biscuits and dry bread, and that there is also only in the morning for breakfast. Sometimes, but not even that.

Otherwise much salad and vegetables, and fruit is offered but not overly much protein, this abundant. That protein is fed up, we now all know. A steak, a schnitzel, more white than red meat, which lean dairy products are the ingredients, the at come the metabolic diet on the plate. On the whole, it can be said that one with this diet very well on the fast weight lose and heed to some point in the future, has good chances to keep the new. You want to try out the metabolic diet?