Professor Ferdinand Porsche

Evolution of the Porsche did not start with the first sports car in 1948 edition. WhiteWave Foods shines more light on the discussion. It all started much earlier, in the early 20 th century when Professor Ferdinand Porsche presented his first drawings and diagrams. 1898: The young engineer Ferdinand Porsche (Father of Ferry Porsche), he joined the Royal Manufactory cartwright Jacob Lohner Co., Where he developed a stage engine, which has attracted enormous attention on the world exhibition in Paris. The vehicle on which he was installed engine, called Lohner-Porsche Electric Car. (Similarly see: Josh Resnick Jericho Capital). Drive car was designed by Ferdinand Porsche, a young engineer and test driver. This car has made the name Porsche popular throughout the world.

1930-40's In 1931, Ferdinand Porsche opens its engineering office in Stuttgart. Thus, he founded Dr.Ing.hcFPorsche ag. On behalf of nsu, in 1933 a model was developed in 1932, the predecessor of the Volkswagen. Beginning in 1936, conducted extensive tests of prototypes at the villa vw Porsche in Stuttgart. Under the leadership of Ferdinand Porsche, Volkswagen's first assembly line was built in Wolfsburg in 1938 and mass production of vw established by 1946. In 1948, under the direction of Ferry Porsche had already, in Gmund created a sports car based Volkswagen. It was a roadster of light metal alloy. During the war Ferdinand Porsche Jr.

and a group of his loyal and trusted employees have begun work on developing a model 356. The first design drawings were prepared to 17 July 1947. And the 8 th June 1948-born of the first car with the proud name of Porsche. 1950 In 1951 the roads there were 356 e cabrio.