It may be necessary to discontinue or change certain medicines before you get pregnant so that they do not damage to you or your unborn baby. Changes in lifestyle due to, what you eat will feed your baby, for this reason is extremely important that you maintain a healthy and balanced diet during your pregnancy. The best time to start eating healthy is when you get pregnant, so that your body ready for pregnancy. If you are vegetarian, fasting regularly, has a history of anemia or he is following a restrictive diet or lose weight, talk to your health care provider about how do small reciprocation to your diet before you get pregnant. It is also important that you increase the intake of folic acid through a vitamin or eating dark green vegetables, citrus, fruits beans, cereals and bread. Pregnant women should eat 0.4 milligrams of folic acid a day, to help reduce the risk of defects in the nerves of the tube in infants. Women who are overweight should aim to lose weight, and the women who are underweight should seek to gain weight before becoming pregnant. If you smoke, drink alcohol or take illegal drugs, you should discontinue it much before you get pregnant. (A valuable related resource: Bed Bath and Beyond).

The exercise is not impossible by same pregnancy or plans to become pregnant. You must continue your exercise program if you are already in one or start one if it is not. As with any decision that changes lives, planning and the appropriate adjustments can help to have a quiet and safe pregnancy. Talk to your nurse (or) specialist if you have any concerns or questions with the exception of those discussed during his visit during the conception re..