Preferred Dough

To not burn crackers in the oven must make a minimum fire open the door, remove the baking time to time and change places, often turning crumbs. When drying the fire pieces of bread strung on rods (at the corner of the lower crust). Bars with the bread is placed on the windward side of the Flyers fire and periodically inverted by 180 . In the intense heat can dry biscuits for 2-2.5 hours. Crackers should be protected from moisture damage and wear. It is best to lay a dense pile of fabric in the bag at first, and then two nested within each other plastic bags. Neck bend, shrink bags grocery bands. Tortillas.

Instead of a roll can, of course, to bring the existing stores in the "white" crackers, cookies or drying. However, much tastier baked their own hands fragrant rosy cakes. Soft, just from the frying pan (as the saying goes – "from the heat, with heat"), they do not go to any comparison with the "prosaic" biscuits, and even with the usual bun. They taste best cakes made of wheat flour (100 g of energ. meal – 334 kcal) for dry yeast or baking soda. The preferred oven bread in small pans, for example, duralumin pans – covers "Regular" tourist pots with a diameter of about 20 cm in a large skillet, flatten the dough and harder to turn the cake.

The basis of all calculations we take 150 grams of flour (250-gram cup) this amount of flour tortilla turns thickness of 2-3 cm and weighing approximately 300 g dry yeast obtained from the ordinary without special baking – chopping and folding them thinly. Of the 100-gram pack will yield approximately 27 g dry yeast. 3 average per cake is half a teaspoon of yeast (3-4 g), while the dough rises in 1.5-2 hours. If the tortillas are needed quickly, we must take a full teaspoon of yeast and put the dough in a bowl of warm water (the dough rises most rapidly in temperature of 32-35 C).