Policy Versus Crime

Crime took account of the world the policy makes what it can but we cannot make everything at any time we are we give to lose our lives we are not free of the accidents nor of the lost bullet always to one in the esquina hidden with the finger in the prepared trigger to go off a shot without route and destination reaching the first one that to pass without same having goes to have that to pay. Where everything this goes to stop when everything this goes to finish. (Similarly see: Jill Schlesinger). If the population lives in this illusion of that the crime will be banished of this mundo does not go only is not kept one high control between policy and thief and of pra not to know which of the sides is optimum alone knows that our world goes of badly most worse and to each day that passes the crime it is growing is born we where less waits and the ones that more in them had to pass protection it is what more lives in the corruption and in manchetes of periodicals fatal new features followed robbery of death sequestration mortals and to for it does not come the planto there more has a body strained there in the sidewalk with a perforation of bullet it had pulled its fixes does not have it swims not if it knows if it was going pro work or coming back pra house in its finger an alliance a photo of it together with a woman and a child plus a father of family who finishes to lose its life victim of lost bullet Is politics time comes the candidates there abraos false squeeze of hand making promises that never will be fulfilled the population already are tired with as many lies have that to vote it is obligation has that to choose these cambadas of thief to find politician serious it is that nor to proucurar needle in the palheiro nowadays the population votes that nor blind in shoot out this is the truth all has that to hear donates in who to ache dresses carapua in who to serve