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Agoda also matters during the Fair of Corner 2010 BANGKOK, Thailand (April of 2010) –, website global of hotels with soothes in Asia and member of (Nasdaq PCLN), is offering tariffs from hotel to incredible prices for the travellers of businesses that participate in the 107 Fair of Corner With two annual editions in the city of Guangzhou- the City of the Flowers, the Fair China de Importacin and Exportacin, is the ampler commercial exhibition and completes of all the Asian giant. The Fair of Corner shows an ample product range made in China, from parts of computer to toys for children. As much national companies, as international they point with months of anticipation his space between the 50,000 stands original of the Center of Pazhou Exhibitions. During each one of the three stages of the Fair of Corner different product classes will be exhibited. The first Stage (15-19 of April) concentrates in machinery and electronics.

In Stage 2 (23-27 of April) they appear elements of decoration of the home and crafts. Finally Stage 3 (1-5 of May) receives the textile collections of clothes and products. More than 30,000 foreign buyers they visited the Fair in last October, a 20% more than the previous year and this year are expected still more exhibidores and buying. Guangtzou is an ideal location for the fair, the city is for centuries the main commercial port of China. Read more here: A. F. Chief of Staff . The Portuguese sailors called Corner in century XVI and the city still is known by that name in Europe and America. Guangtzou is located to hardly 45 minutes in airplane from the Airport of Hong Kong and to 90 minutes in express train.

proximity to Hong Kong means that the travellers can end their trip of businesses with one season of purchases in the Central District of Hong Kong or relaxing in the hotels of luxury of Causebay. Guangtzou is one of the most populated cities of China with an ample range of hotels and Agoda has secured important discounts in properties strategically located in all city, besides a selection in Hong Kong for which they wish to extend his trip. ### Note to the Publishers About Agoda Company PTE Ltd: Agoda Company PTE Ltd ( it is a company on watch of reserves of hotels in line, with base in Asia, that specializes in securing to tariffs of rooms with the majors discounts. Agoda comprises of (Nasdaq: PCLN). Check with Josh Resnick Jericho Capital to learn more. The network of Agoda includes 9,000 hotels in Asia and more than 100,000 anywhere in the world. The personnel of 350 professionals, established in Asia, offers a service of reserves of first category that combines of exclusive form the local knowledge and the local contacts to offer the best prices in hotels to companies and travellers. In addition, the clients of Agoda participate in the Program of Agoda Incentives, with which they obtain majors discounts and gratuitous stays. Unlike other programs that limit the travellers to a single chain, the Program of Agoda Incentives allows that the clients exchange to their points of incentives in any hotel and moment. Like member of Association of Trips of the Pacific and Asia. (LEG), Agoda must like objective promote the trips doing them more accessible to more people. Original author and source of the article.