On Being And Time Passage Through War And Existence

Few personalities of human thought, despite his fame or his conception of matter, manage to make a change of great magnitude in the life of human beings and form a complete wave of thought whose strength survived the passing of time. However, Maritina Heidegger can, without a doubt, placed in this exclusive line of the great forgers of the minds of society. Coming from a regular family in the incoming Germany to 20th century, training at an early age that Heidegger received was one of the most decisive factors in his future and brilliant career in search of understanding. All those who still remember the young Heidegger cannot find a more appropriate term to describe him as charismatic, quality that opened doors in their academic and professional improvement. With a faith apparently convinced, Heidegger bowed as field of University study to theology; career that later changed to mathematics and, finally, by philosophy, realized by a decision sudden decrease in his divine devotion. But this does not only affect the course of his life, but that of many more and here, really, where was the Hegelian tradition born to stay. Heidegger had the great fortune to hobnob with ideologies and very influential minds of the time during your stay at the University of Freiburg. One of these personalities was Professor Edmund Husserl: a now famous name the lobbies of philosophy and founder the philosophy of Phenomenology.

Heidegger became a student and colleague of Professor Husserl, who boosted the career of Heidegger and served as a contribution to his greatest works in a slightly unusual way. Heidegger also was marked by the war process. During this period it remained isolated from the battlefield as much as he could. It was also at this time when he met the woman who would be his wife until the end of his days. A dark and reformation for humanity stage wasn’t much less for him.