Official Representative

Its wife Justina Maria is the Vice-queen of the Congo, that was chosen by integrant by its devotion to the group. It takes care of sings of it, the care with the flag that is symbol sacred, and of some details that go appearing. very important to cite and to describe on the Family of Mr. Jose of the Ernestina because the devotion of all is very Strong. This cultural patrimony, not only of Jequitib nor of Mines, but national, already touched with its row for ten a thousand people in the Sesc Pompia in So Paulo, already Culture of television in the program was presented in the Net Reporter Echo, already it travelled for some cities with diverse groups in the State of Minas Gerais, in Macei Al, the Educative Net of radio and television through the presenter and folclorista president of the Commission Alagoana de Folclore, Prof. Omega 3 follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. material necessary Frank Ramilson constantly registered by Eliezer Teixeira in Jequitib (folia of kings, row, congado, etc). Today Mr.

Jose of the Ernestina and the Official Representative of the Congo in Minas Gerais, heading that brings Honor and Joy to the City of Jequitib ' ' Mining capital of the Folclore' '. This citizen, respected in its representation, proud it registers in its resume, the headings: King the Congo of the State of Minas Gerais. Congado captain of of the guard of congado of the Santssimo Sacrament of Jequitib Capital miner of the Folklore. Master of the folia of kings of Jequitib. For even more opinions, read materials from snoring mouthpiece. Master of the Folia of Is Sebastio de Jequitib. Master of the Folia of Ours Lady of the Rosary of Jequitib. Master of the Folia de Santo Antonio de Jequitib, Master of the Folia of Is Geraldo de Jequitib, Master of the Folia of the holy ghost of Jequitib, Master of the folia of Is Miguel de Jequitib, Master of the Row of Jequitib, Custodian and Quack, Violeiro, Cantador and Danador Folclrico.