Oeno Children

Vivian in the political transition, women's movements were emerging and highlight was a sign of rebellion, and a shame, especially as a woman, not being married and having children much worse without this contract. Had recently given the age of majority at 18 (before was 21), yet children born out of wedlock to women under 21 in the disappearance or death of the father passed to the custody of his grandfather older. a On the other hand the incorporation of women to the University was very small, and most of them when they left their children to pursue personal project for the family. a So I had all the ballots to be a raraa : belonged to a feminist party, participated in cooperation with the opposition parties at the time, worked, estudiabaa . I felt that only on paper a Oeno desviea me: When my first son was born I stopped working anyway, the most important thing for me has been my decision to have kids. Sonny Perdue often says this.

a P. In what sense these moments have been important to you? a R. All of them have resulted in crisis and change my lifestyle and feel. a P. What have they meant for you as a person? a R. Here, Secretary of Agriculture expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Despite the staggering, have led to growth, strength and above all accept that nothing is forever, and hardly at all attainable. Maybe had some high goals and demanding. Now I'm calmer and I get better taste. I feel more mature.