“The cars generate most pollution On the one hand, I have heard that many people, including the authorities say that up to 80 of all air pollution in a city is caused by emissions from cars burning petrol (gas or diesel) in their engines. This is definitely false, especially if this argument is used to reassure the industrial unit on its share of responsibility. A good depth analysis would not give very different information, not only in terms of proportions, if not the severity of different types of contaminants and toxicity. What pollutants generated by cars Lead emissions were usually high and hurt many people, especially children. Fortunately, I keep adding to gasoline and significantly lower its environmental presence. The low sulfur dioxide at the expense of reducing the sulfur content of gasoline faces, through variations in the procedure refinaci n.Sin But this process has a high monetary and environmental consists, so only remove the pollution from one place to place it in another. Carbon dioxide is a natural component of air, but its excess is primarily responsible for global warming. Nitrogen oxides, highly polluting, were significantly reduced with catalytic converters, to dissociate into nitrogen and oxygen, which are natural components of air.Any attempt to improve the quality of fuel or reduce emissions with catalytic converter, resulting in turn increases the cost and environmental pollution, to the extent that we generally only reduce emissions in the streets and roads to increase further but in the total cycle of the transport system and its suppliers. The natural or LP gas can be used emergently in some cases and you should now be using more because they pollute less, but do not solve the problem of environmental pollution and the sustainability of fossil fuel-based system.