The modern identities are entering in collapse, the argument if it develops of the following form. A different type of structural change is transforming the modern societies to the end of century XX. This is breaking up the cultural landscapes of classroom, sort, sexuality, etnia, race and nationality that in the past in had supplied solid localizations to them as social individuals. (2005, p.09) Ahead of displayed, some theoreticians as Hall (2005), Steven Connor (1993) and Nizia Villaa (1996) they mention the crisis of the identity to justify the displacement and the descentrao of the individual, supported for these and according to endorsement of other scholars is that start to analyze the workmanship You trace Them of the mentioned Cassandra Rivers. The context where the romance if inserts is of the years of 1981, period where the country still was on regimen of the military dictatorship, government form that lasted of 1964 the 1985. Adentrando the public and private sphere and in reply the oppression and the exclusion, if was looked, of clandestine bold form and for times, to represent for the feminine voice the symbolic domination of the social and sexual papers exerted by in such a way being able and submission of the man how much for the woman. On this, it has the manifestation of Ana Colling Maria, Speech in sort instead of speaking in sex indicates that the condition of the women is not determined by the nature, the nature, biology or the sex, but resultant of an invention, of a social engineering and politics. The idea of sort, difference of sexos based in the culture and produced by history, secondarily on to the sex biological and not dictated by the nature, tries to desconstruir the universal one and to show its historicidade (2004, p.05). Historically, Adriana Piovesan in its mestrado thesis of on the Delights of the Directions (2005) analyzes that from the decade of 80 if it emphasized cambiante character multifaceted with that the identity is armed, incorporated for the influence that the transformations in the urban space exert on the process.