Moab Noah

So, the vines began to produce abundant grapes, and Noah came up with the idea of producing a good wine, remembering the old days when he enjoyed drinking in abundance, with its now drowned, friends and neighbors. As usually happens when you abuse the drink, Noah caught a terrible drunk, that was the drunkenness that was seized, which was made to dance naked in his tent, when it comes to dancing, we talk about noise, chants of actions that inevitably would have to draw the attention of others who lived with him, we mean, his wife, his children, his daughters, grandchildren, etc.etc. When I mention this episode, I can not remember what happened to my cousin Lot, son of my uncle Haran, which was of such poor drink that was drunk, his daughters abused him, passed some nights together, alternately clear and original designed for this procedure to Moab and Ben-ammi, not my cousin give cognizance, as is clear from the documents that you have. It is clear that things have not happened that way, I just mentioned, so they can watch informativoa style used by scribes, when tries to minimize the true extent of these actions undoubtedly make very poor showing our relatives, who do not add much in terms of reputation, and seem worthy of justification, even my father's family they were. For far less than what they have done, my cousin Lot and his daughters, many innocent people were cruelly murdered, and their families, literally massacred. But back to the subject of drunkenness of Noah, the drunk to the point of losing the sense of responsibility and decency is something that does not warrant any justification, may have more importance than the character in question, the consequences of their actions can not be attributed to any other person, much less when the scapegoat chosen is none other than his own son.