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A few years ago, this method was also part of minimally invasive aesthetic medicine. Ranging from the gentle anti aging to the non surgical lifting. In this application, the active ingredient cocktail uncrosslinked hyaluronic acid consists of a local anesthetic, a blood-enhancing agent, various vitamins and as a main ingredient. You binds more moisture in the skin, smoothes small wrinkles as a result and initiates a natural regeneration process of the skin. No matter what indications at stake, the basis of the active ingredient is almost always – in based on which a local anesthetic, often follows Neuraltherapie-a means to promoting blood circulation, as well as vitamins, the necessary allopathic and homeopathic substances are each based on the indications and are individually compiled. Therefore, the experience of the doctor with this method and knowledge about the most effective combination of the mixtures play a decisive role. Another interesting treatment option lies in the treatment of hay fever and other allergies.

The localized applications strongly depend on the complaints and frequently correspond with acupuncture points. A special micro-injection gun has proved as a useful tool for the physician in daily practice, in which you can regulate the depth of injection and the speed of the tiny punctures demand so that the patient feels they usually hardly. This innovative procedure is not miracle – nor a panacea, but a promising treatment option that can show successes even if other methods are at the end. This is especially true from already-out handled”cases. So, many chronically ill patients to take legitimate hopes for relief and cure their ailments.