Michael Jackson

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In perVIVE.com, since Friday, they have not stopped lighting candles or deposit flowers in memory of Miguel Delibes and in remembrance of the beloved also;Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente, on the 30th anniversary of his death when we go someone so close and admired as the Maestro Delibes, which has enriched us with their books and their characters, then, the desire to express our emotions, becomes a necessity. It would have liked to many attending the Funeral Chapel of Miguel Delibes in the Cathedral of Valladolid, however, unable to physically move us there, we found a path that approaches and joins us from the pain.A new way to talk and share very common Era, years ago and before the duel send a telegram to the family. Any of you insurance that has come to have one of these blue telegrams to which I refer in their hands, but is a medium which is today considered of high Protocol and has hardly use. For the rest of us, we walk half a lifetime between pixels and networks social, we reserve a new place that we have incorporated naturally into all areas of our lives;Internet are many blogs and websites these days, have received thousands of messages of condolence in memory of the writer, as happened in his time with the also deceased Michael Jackson, who made us discover the more human side of the network. It is then demonstrated that the need to give our last goodbye to people that we admire and love, it prevails over the medium that we use to express ourselves. If you are a @ that you’ve used the Internet to send a condolence, write a few words or lighting a candle, we’d like to us to tell your experience..

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