Light Technology

Of course, the full picture can not convey the diversity of possible solutions, implemented on a database of lamps, but in general it gives a broad overview of the collection. A large number of additional Accessories – angles, bends, caps, etc. – to create a lighting system of any configuration in space of any shape from a narrow corridor to the spacious hall. It should be noted that the lighting system, based on data collected lamps are very economical and mobile because there is no additional cost for the laying of wiring to each light (enough "power up" one – the first one) and simple mounting (with optional accessories, changing the location of fixtures on the ceiling ceases to be a burdensome task.) Our company offers several different models of modular systems coverage of different price levels and stylistic directions. All products are made by leading domestic and European manufacturers and meets the latest trends in office and industrial design. These systems are production company Plexiform (Poland) and "Light Technology" (Russia) are presented in product groups C45 and C46 on the price-list company.

– A case of directional lighting in the shops with frequent change exposure when the location of the goods you want to highlight, change? Either of the exhibition hall, where in addition to frequent changes in light exposure is required at different angles? – No problem, for this purpose very well approach lighting system for trunking. First of all, they are designed to create directional accent lighting in retail and exhibition halls. The system is organized on the basis of trunking, the main element suspension design, made in a rigid profile (current-carrying components are located inside it), delivered in segments ranging in length from 1 to 3 meters. Due to the rails, lights and spotlights can be installed anywhere along the length of busbar, which completely solves the problem of mobility fixtures in frequent changes of exposure. Since the main task of the system is to create accent lighting, in its part of work lights and spotlights for halogen and metal halide lamps, giving a strong directional light output. All elements of the system are very high, in the trends of modern design, but at the same while not striking, allowing to focus primarily on the site, is highlighted. Products manufacturing firms "Light Technology" (Russia), Lival and Nordic (Finland) presented in the commodity group on C44 price-list company.

– Excellent. Still, all these systems are applicable to small urban apartment or a cottage, but in the beginning you talked about the domestic lighting? – Yes, certainly, and modular lighting system for fluorescent lamps and lighting systems to trunking rarely applied at home. Although the best lighting for example, the gym (in the cottage) or interior elements – paintings, sculptures, etc. – Think hard. Most applicable to everyday life in a modular system of self-supporting insulated wires. The photograph shows an example of such a system, how it works is simple: in the horizontal (as a variant of the vertical) plane stretch Two thin wire in the transparent insulation (insulated current-carrying is a living). A variety of lighting fixtures, designed the best European designers are secured between the ropes at any point along the length of design. Fasteners lights pierce the insulation and the unit runs. The whole design is so elegant and carefully performed, and the lights are so diverse that the system could be one of the main elements of the interior. These systems manufacturing firms Errebiluce (Italy) Massive (Belgium) are presented in the commodity group C43 on the price-list company. Article Source: Company MPS Electrical