Larimer County Sheriff

Alexis Fernando Jimenez voltage. Millions of people followed by a television news channel, images of the globe that moved several yards on the state of Colorado in the United States. According to early versions contained in Larimer County, within a child was only six years. to the faces of viewers looked worried and another mother, moved by the situation, let out a tear. The device platinum a floated about 40 miles north of Denver, before it came down in a deserted area where they awaited rescue vehicles. a Earlier, a spokeswoman for the Larimer County Sheriff, Cathy Davis, told reporters that the balloon was moored in the backyard of the family home and that two of the couple's children were playing outside when the largest to smallest observed up to the balloon and fly. a The boy, Falcon Heene, had taken refuge fearing a reprimand, later discovered. In no point on the globe but was hidden in a place that go unnoticed by the parents who despair, raised the alarm.

The child only managed to say that he hid because he would not give him a good beating by a pilatunaa a It's time to educate the desires of the society in which we live, lead to countless parents delegate the employed or educational institutions, the formation of their children. Although they play an important role in the dynamics of building to minors, the leading roll rests with the parents. It is a responsibility delegated. a In order to have a solid construction of principles and values, it is imperative that we take commitment, perseverance and wisdom in what we think and do, which indirectly transmit them by example that we in our daily life and lavish their treatment.