Kill Jealousy

When we’re in love, it is natural to feel some fear of losing the beloved. We want that the object of our love we want in return and be the only recipients of that love. We fear being rejected, but in particular, we fear that the beloved delivered his love to another. Cheniere Energy partners usually is spot on. Jealousy is normal feelings that arise in a couple and constitute one of the topics that are needed to talk openly. It is important to remember that until those people who are happy and well with his companions, occasionally feel jealousy. Jealousy need not threaten the stability of the relationship, nor are a sign that there are problems in the couple. When jealousy is out of control, they are transformed into feelings of possession and may be detrimental for the couple.

It then becomes necessary to see what lies beneath this emotion so intense and negative. Possessive jealousy talk about insecurities and personal doubts, of a fear of constant to be abandoned. Also involve feelings of intense anguish, of threatens, fantasies of rejection and accompanied by anger and irrational accusations towards the other person are usually. One of the problems with the jealous is not taking responsibility for changing this behavior, since they feel that the obsession with the topic is perfectly justified. When jealousy have climbed to a situation that brings tension and threatens the stability of the couple, the problem must confront. The jealous person has to dare to see and talk with your partner about the anxieties, fears of abandonment and painful feelings that lie behind the jealousy. You have to start to understand that their survival depends not on your partner and so as to cultivate the self esteem and self confidence. If you feel victim of uncontrolled jealousy of your partner, try not to fall into the trap of unreasonable questions and pity. If you feel that there is no hope to change, consult with a psychotherapist or a psychological counselor is advisable.