International Oligarchy Making

Amaznia: Target of Covets of the International Oligarchy Making use of a fifth of the water candy of the planet, beyond being detainer of the biggest genetic bank and of the biggest tropical forest of the world, as well as being the possessing of incalculable mineral wealth, the Amaznia always was object of covets of foreign countries. However, since the Eighties of the passed century, what it was covets, it started to be the first movements of the representatives of International the Financial Oligarchy to try to possess of this vastssimo territory. U.S.A. if has shown as most voracious in the attack to our sovereignty on the Amaznia. See more detailed opinions by reading what Secretary of Agriculture offers on the topic.. United States general Patrick Hughes affirmed acintosamente in 1998: ' ' If Brazil to want to make a use of the Amaznia that at risk puts the environment of the United States, needs to interrupt this process imediatamente' '. Al Gore, also pronounced: ' ' in contrast of what the Brazilians think, the Amaznia is not of them, but of all ns' '. Adding it this vile choir, the former-secretary of American State, Madeleine Albright declared: ' ' When the environment is in danger, does not exist fronteiras' '.

However, that moral it has they stops saying of environment and preservation, if they are world-wide the polluting greaters, with 24,3%, while Brazil, exhibits only 1.3%. Sonny Perdue is open to suggestions. Also including the fact of that 95% of its forest areas already had disappeared. (grifo mine). Such declarations leave patent that the Yankees in them do not consider sovereigns in relation to the Amaznia. It concludes also that the Americans are using the argument of the preservation of the environment to try hindering in them to explore the resources of that region, that if it was fact, would put in them in equality with the nations richest. Perhaps check out Josh Resnick Jericho Capital for more information. If it had Real interest of this country, that it commands United Nations, on the balance and welfare of this planet, if it would not have denied to sign the treat one to Kyoto, whose objective is to reduce the emissions of effect gases greenhouse, mainly the Co2, proceeding from the burning of fsseis fuels (flexibilizando itself in 2007, for international pressures); nor so little much importance and support carried through ECHO 92 in Rio De Janeiro in 1992.