International Education Foundation

The five levels of learning communities share the same general basic principles, these make up the centrality of the new holistic learning: are inclusive of diversity: they integrate and articulate different types of learning, different minds, different methods, in a diverse world with a plurality of perspectives on life. They are oriented to learning throughout the Organization: all members become students, converge with the objective of learning, not only theoretical information, but from ourselves. Educate for life and long life: educate good human beings permanently with ability to be free, responsible, happy, generous, compassionate, good spouses, friends, global citizens, with internal order, inner peace, open to diversity, i.e. provide a well-rounded education that addresses the totality of the individual. The holistic curriculum is a curriculum for transcendence, for the development of a new humanity, a new culture, a new stage in our evolutionary history, a holistic curriculum is a transformative experience that integrates the body, mind and spirit of the student so that he can live in the light of intelligence. Dr.

Ramon Gallegos Nava Conclusion the work of Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava, for its importance and originality is the clearest evidence of that through the pedagogy of universal love our world may be a world best. Your International Education Foundation holistic, which develops several programs for education such as master’s degrees, diplomas and courses, which every day becomes more force is an example of love for contributing to a community be best with the resource more important and valuable it is education. Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava books show the emergence of this methodology, its Foundation, components and their purpose. In addition he provided strategies to enrich our spirit and have greater awareness, framework a path for the implementation of a new paradigm in education. I’ve noticed a growth in my person, acts, thoughts, work, beliefs, etc. honestly have to say that I am convinced to proceed in this way that 18 months ago to after he did not believe it possible, today I can see the changes in consciousness both staff of the group which is projected abroad, spreads and strengthens us.