How To Upload Your Self-esteem

You have a good self-esteem is the Foundation for the achievement of all our successes. In today’s article, you will learn with a simple exercise to raise your self-esteem to feel better you and all those who surround you. What I have to do to raise my self esteem? It is simple. I have to start to consciously assume responsibility for my own life. Berkeley brings even more insight to the discussion. Is not the same to say my relationships are failing or nobody understands me saying what do I do to make my relationships failing and nobody understand me? What can I do different? How can I change it? Once get ideas and answers take action, start actions you will bring to the attainment of your goals. It is important to know that on our day we are not responsible for behaviors that other people might have, but if we can control the responses and behaviors as we do against other people.

It is here where our power lies. Do not take responsibility for ourselves, our behaviors and feelings makes us in victims, giving our power to something or someone external, missed opportunities in our lives. I invite you to do the following exercise called power anchor below, it is a very powerful, simple resource that will help you increase your self-esteem and succeed every time that you need it:-sit in a place where you can be quiet and no one bother you. Place the palms of your hands facing up, breathe, close your eyes and relax. -Think of a positive and powerful experience you’ve had in your life. Looking at it, listen to it and feel it.

-Place this experience and sensations that you produce in your right hand, breathe deeply and feel its power. -Now remember a moment in which you’ve felt very proud of what you did. Relive it, and put back those feelings and experience in your right hand.