How To Choose A Travel Mat ?

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Actually mat for that and want that person to ensure insulation between the soil surface, as well as to protect our delicate body of inconvenience, with uneven ground in the wild. Such irregularities are create small stones, cones, sticking out of the ground tree roots, small and insignificant at first glance bugorochki and pits. And as a result, after spending the night at a "bristling" with no land whatsoever shabby mat, you're sure to get acquainted with the pristavuchey friend, as an ache in the whole body or find it hard to develop a stiff joints, which will continually remind you of what you ungrateful homo sapiens, it is the same person reasonable. So let's turn on my mind and sort of reflect on the question: "What would be the best rug for tourism?" And he is mat should be: 1.legkim 2.nedorogim 3.universalnym 4.prochnym 5.udobnym 6.myagkim 7.uyutnym 8.teplym 9.komfortnym 10.praktichnym a word – the ideal of all the other rugs! Well, the challenge is clear, now check out what we can find the most suitable under the above criteria at the moment? Most common and cheapest option is the mat – "scum", a piece of bed (roll) of a two-layer foam, usually with very bright colors. Distributed by this kind of rugs due to the fact that they are sold almost everywhere and cost a penny. There are also laminated with a foil, but that their price does not change, as well as different thicknesses of approximately 8 mm to several cm are standing within 300 rubles. Weigh in Depending on the size and thickness on an average of 250 grams Pros: – cheap – easy – do not pass moisture – keeps heat Cons: – eventually loses its shape (compressed) – can be easily damaged Opinion: This is the most fiscal mat. In fact, it has all that is required to a minimum, sometimes spending the night at a rug can bring discomfort, however, some use just two of foam, stacked on top of another.

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