Horacio Pozzo

The sale of homes fell also strong: a 38,55%. In April, there has been a further slowdown in construction in the rest of the economic activity. It is the construction, by the effect spills that generates in other economic activities, has a great impact on activity. Such is the climate of uneasiness of the Spaniards in this context, that instead of talking about confidence of consumers, I would call this indicator mistrust of consumers. It is the Spanish consumer confidence, was found in April, at a minimum level in the last fourteen years.

Then, what you should do the Spanish Government in this situation? For Rodrigo Rato, an opinion more than qualified, Spain is a situation that is analyzing the possibility to carry out the first program of structural reforms since the country is part of the euro zone. This beyond the measures they should take to deal with this context. It is true that in Spain there are successful experiences of reform, where the different sectors of the Spanish economy have been agreed the measures that needed to be taken. Also it is true that mentions Rato on the collateral effects of belonging to the euro zone since they exist: advantages of stability, but no exchange rate or monetary policy. Learn more at this site: Danyelle Freeman. And it is demonstrating for the Spanish economy makes it very difficult to cope without monetary policy, situations such as this.

The truth is that you as said Rato, the Spanish Government must react as soon as possible because otherwise it will be longer still. But Spain must mentalizing that must make urgent changes. Already the former President Felipe Gonzalez predicted a severe energy crisis for 2012. The situation is complex. Regardless of all the debate generated by this situation which is going through Spain, will have to wait until within a month, when the Council of Ministers approved a package of measures which are being prepared in order to recover the economy, among which are They provide tax reductions to companies, elimination of administrative regulations, increase transparency in the market. The Spanish Government promises a package ambitious can be achieved? You will find us again tomorrow, Horacio Pozzo original author and source of the article.