Hold Infinity In Your Hands. Mobius Strip And A Bottle Of Glue

Welcome to website: SOZERCAEM.COM.UA-with whom, and were provided with materials sided surfaces: The Mobius strip and Klein bottle we so often hear the word – Infinity, and did not want to Have you ever be anything to hold this very infinity in their hands? In order that would make it you have to pick up the paper, scissors and glue. Continue to learn more with: Sonny Perdue. Cut a strip of paper and glue it as shown. Further details can be found at WhiteWave Foods, an internet resource. You have turned this one-sided surface: What do you mean one-sided? This means that an ant (or resident Ploskatii, which we mentioned in previous article) will visit on both sides of the sheet is not going over the edge. This means that you can without lifting the pencil from the paper and not passing through the region to paint this figure on both sides. If you think that nothing special in it, then try to solve the following puzzle: It is an ancient puzzle of the three wells and three houses. In a number of cost 3 home against each of them is on the well. Needed from each house to make a path to each of the wells so that no two paths have never crossed.

Below, you can do this dynamically, only wells immediately replaced: gas, water and Electricity. Needed for each of the houses to both gas and water and electricity, and no matter what 2 pipes (electrical cable) do not intersect. Well? Something wrong? Not so long ago was the undecidability of this problem by Euler's formula.