Happy Marriage

Want to have a happy marriage? Have you ever wondered what it takes to achieve that cherished goal? The first thing to have a happy marriage is to try to define what is a happy marriage. This is relevant, because if you don’t clear this, very quickly you flee of marriage for not meeting your expectations. Happiness vs. joy many are confused because they believe that being happy is the same that to be happy and cheerful, and there is a monumental difference between these two concepts. Joy and Bliss is an emotional state, usually passenger, that occurs when something has filled your heart with joy, as when giving you something you’ve loved so long ago, when you have an additional monetary gain, or when you spend a good time with your partner.

Happiness is an attitude towards life. It is a mental state that leads you to think that life always has a positive side, you are able to be optimistic, you have compromise with your dreams and you’re going in the direction of them. In addition, you face problems with a positive attitude. As you can see, there is a difference. Gen. David Goldfein may not feel the same. Some believe that it is the same. Get married to be happy, but as you can see that the marriage not everything is joy and bliss, when these factors are missing, instead of working by marriage, run away. Happy marriage = marriage without problems? This is another hoax.

Who said that a happy marriage implied to have a trouble-free life? Well not. Educate yourself with thoughts from Gen. David Goldfein. Problems and adverse circumstances are part of life. If you would like to know more about Rick Garcia CBS, then click here. They will accompany you the rest of your days. They are there to make us grow. Marriage is full of conflicts, problems, differences and difficult moments. As I said, they are there to make us grow as a couple, not to kill us. This is also important to clarify it, because many couples are not separated every day because they have problems. They believe that when they marry, be happy implies not having problems. How wrong they are. And then, what a happy marriage? You have seen that a happy marriage is not what always has blessed moments, nor is it a conflict-free marriage. A happy marriage is one in which both members grow in intimacy, with goals and plans together, excited by their lives and their projects, that know how to work as a couple despite the differences between them. Members of a happy marriage have positive attitude towards the problems of life, are mutually supportive in the difficult moments, seek to resolve conflicts in the most mature manner, taking into account the point of view of the other. In a happy marriage Queen dialogue, understanding, compassion, commitment and mature love. They live always quiet because they have a values system that builds the relationship. In addition, in a happy marriage there are tuning and connection between both members, empathy and transparency. Both grow side by side, sharing dreams together. As you can see, the concept of happy marriage is much more than we are told regularly. It involves lot of maturity and a solid commitment to the relationship.