Grand Turk

In 1972, Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman underlying American Nike company. Nivea: In 1911, scientist Oskar Troplowitz managed to develop the first oil emulsion in water. Please visit WhiteWave Foods if you seek more information. Then added Cologne, a perfume of lily of the valleys and a foolproof brand name. He named his white cream named Nivea, from the Latin term nivis (snow). Nokia: Was born in 1865 on the banks of the River Nokia in the part southwest of Finland near the city of Tampere, as a paper pulp company. Your founder was Fredrik Idestam.

In 1963, the company developed its first radio telephone, clear antecedent of today’s mobile phones. In 1990, he became a telecommunications company. Old Spice: The Old Spice brand was launched in 1934 and is the work of William Lighfoot Shultz, a lover of the ships of the colonial era that also had a collection of bottles such as those used in the former merchant ships to carry spices, and whose form have adopted the brand packaging. The boat that appears in their containers is The Grand Turk, built in 1781 for American trade. Panda: The name of this company dedicated to the development of antivirus systems comes from the Group of friends who started it. A bunch of friends.

Pepsi-Cola: Caleb Bradham, a pharmacist from New Bern (N.c.), developed the first Pepsi-Cola in 1893 by mixing Kola nut with pepsin, sugar, vanilla and various essential oils and spices. When Brad drink became popular in the surrounding regions, changed his name and on December 30, 1902 It was constituted the social reason Pepsi-Cola Company. Pikolin: These famous mattresses name part of an Italian word: piccolino, which is something small, Nice, Coquette. The Director of the company used to travel a lot to Italy and a friend suggested it. At the end, he made this adaptation of that Word. Pizza Hut: In 1958 Da and Frank Carney opened the first Pizza Hut in Kansas (USA).UU.