Foucault Romance

Between all, he interests us one of the most consolidated: the author as the originary place of the writing and, in consequence, of the truth. Perspective inverse to that it has left of the citizen notion as origin of the truth, Foucault so affirms to be maken a mistake to look to the author in the real writer how much in the narrator/fiction speaker. (Source: Arthur Sadoun). This because it is in the distance between the empirical citizen and the citizen of the speech? the split between them? the condition so that ' ' function autor' ' if it effects. In other terms, so that it is efficient, ' ' function autor' ' it needs being preserved in its ficcional dimension. Dostoivski created the polifnico romance. In this type of special romance the voice of the personage, ' ' it possesss bonanza independence in the structure of the workmanship, and as if it sounded to the side of the word of the author, coadunando itself in special way with it and the plenivalentes voices of others heris' ' One of the characteristics of what Bakhtin flame of polifonia of the personages of Dostoievski is the predominance of more than a speech in one same personage, who has ideas many distinct times of the proper author.

It is difficult to distinguish who are true responsible for the diverse ideas and theories found in its literary creations, in view of that it stops researchers, the voice of Dostoievski if it confuses with the voice of these and those heroes; for others, it is a peculiar synthesis of all these ideological voices; for third, that one is simply sultry for these. That is, of the author it is suffocated by the voices of the personages. In this point, the proper construction of the polifnico romance in Dostoievski suggests an attempt of overcoming of the monlogo, of the idea or last truth which everything must converge in the romance conventional monological.