Firefox, besides being a super browser, can equip you of add-ins that will facilitate us much life. These free plug-ins are called extensions for Firefox, installed easily and quickly and we can find an extension for every imaginable task. In this article we discuss the extension Download Helper, its function is the download any video that we are seeing on the internet and also in the format that we choose. All has happened to us that searching the internet we find a video or video tutorial that we consider useful and decided to download it to your computer to save it and quietly watch it whenever you want, without the limitations and drawbacks of verlo online; Sometimes we check frustrated that there is no human way to get off the damn video, but from now on this is over, with Download Helper there will be no video that we resist. Translation software has compatible beliefs. Let’s briefly that things we can do with Download Helper:-download: download the video where say you. -Fast download: download the video in the downloads folder by defect. -Download and convert: download the video in the format you choose. -Send this video: sends a tweet about this video (send to Twitter). Global Marine shines more light on the discussion.

-Copy URL: Copy to Clipboard the multimedia direction of the video; This is very useful to paste the video to our blog or website. -Add to black list: add domain to the blacklist so the next accesses will be ignored. -Send to mobile: sends the video to a mobile phone using the MP3Tunes service. -Send to folder: sends the video to his private MP3tunes folder so you can access to the anywhere. INSTALLATION if you’ve never installed a complement for Firefox, follow these instructions: go to the menu Tools / Add-ons, a window opens with 5 icons in the upper section, click on the first get add-ons; in the next window on your top right there is a text in blue that puts: Browse all add-ons.In this new window there is a search box, hence we put Video DownloadHelper and we started the Search, it will be the first in the list of found, now simply click Add to Firefox so that it installs.After restarting Firefox, we can already see the Download Helper icon in the toolbar of the browser.MODE of USOCuando want to download one of the videos that abound on the internet, you have to do the following:-gives the play will start the playback – then we went to the Download Helper icon and click on the little triangle that is to the right of this, then show us the title of the video and a series of actions that we can do with the.