Fernando Enrique

We commit a terrible deceit when we agree to leaving these politicians and parties, to work freely, without he had a direct and constant fiscalization. Somebody said a time that and currently this happening the same thing, already they had perceived? What for it brings of this? Great bad has something very our wait! Everything this, associated to other events, contributes for the situation that we find today: one to be able that it controls the government and, a government that ironically cannot be fought. was not a singular cause that took in them to this point. In contrast, it was a combination of many different facts, whose start was evident in that year of 1984. Here it is what I think of the occurrence. The political parties said that it did not have democracy in Brazil. They had said that we were disillusioned with the brutality and rigidity of the military government, said that the people was being pursued, tortured and executed, who did not decide the national quandaries and the yearnings of the people. But what they were conspiring it was the following one: The government Sarney, gave beginning to one politics of> opening to the foreigners, receiving financings from multinationals among others, with this the parties and the politicians turn the foreign capital to enter with easiness and the possibility to continue its campaigns for the time, in accordance with its approvals in the congress. The continuity of the projects of sales of the Brazilian wealth, continued in the Collor government and, was worse, therefore this opened of time the doors and the projects that made possible the privatizations. In the government of Fernando Enrique, everything was materialize as the planned one, the privatizations were made without the consultation of the people, who was the true owner of the goods constituted in the decades of 60, 70 and 80, all the day had proclamation, the main Brazilian companies had been bought at auction by great multinationals, of the countries of first world, therefore with the sales of these companies, Brazil would not go to become industrialized itself leaving of being a competing potential, a time who, withhold the biggest natural reserves of the planet.