Ferencz Szalasi

Resides in the heads the power to draw the party new purposes, once these are met. Primo de Rivera insists that the falangism (such as fascism) is a style, a way of being and living. Rather than an ideology, an attitude to life, mood (will, desire, taste mode or how to run something). A form Pragmatics of understanding the world, that takes advantage of the cultural heritage utilitariamente. Mussolini puts his regime under the sign of ancient Rome evoking it as a model of disciplined force of combative severity. Hitler invoked in service of national socialism, all powerful myths of German romanticism.

Fascism has the sense of decoration, multitude, of staging, large symbols, most becoming a mythology before a defined political proposal. If you would like to know more then you should visit Nokia. Its ideology is militaristic, they require discipline and order. They sustain and agree an ideology where the fight between the States is resolved through the imposition and the strongest expansion. Marko Dimitrijevic, Miami FL has much experience in this field. Firmly believe that the fight is essential to survival. You must live dangerously to prove superiority, and that war is not a scourge, not a curse, but an ideal; pacifism is nothing but a sign of weakness. Violent action and nationalistic exaltation then constitute two of the essential elements of fascism.

In the words of the author National Socialist Wilhelm Stapel: given the elemental nature of national socialism, it is impossible to attack it with arguments. The arguments would only have effect if the movement had been imposed with the help of arguments. The European fascists continue imitation and deformation of fascism and will make their own interpretation and adaptation. It will tell the Locchi respect the truth of fascism is that it must fight against all ideologies viseralmente enemy of everything that is fascism, that deform it in detail, but which capture in essence. So fascist movements refused to be such. The leader of the Hungarian arrow cross, Ferencz Szalasi, proclaimed: neither Hitlerian, or fascism, or anti-Semitism, but hungarismo.